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EPM Risk Services Division provides the following services:

> Probabilistic Risk Assessment Services:

The Risk Services Division provides all aspects of PRA services to the nuclear industry.

> Fire PRA:

The Risk Services Division can provide the complete scope of Fire PRA development in accordance with state-of-the-art industry methods and practices.

> Fire Modeling:

Our Engineering and Risk Services divisions have a cadre of very knowledgeable staff in Fire Modeling services to support plant operations, regulatory issues, and other analysis needs.

> Thermal Hydraulic Analysis:

The Risk Services Division can provide thermal hydraulic analysis services to support PRA success criteria and operator action timing.

> Human Reliability Analysis:

The Risk Services Division provides human reliability analysis for internal events and fire risk analysis.

EPM ‘s Risk Services, Safety & Systems Analysis, Fire Protection and Software & Technology Solution Divisions capabilities combined provide a “one-stop shop" for PRA, Seismic PRA, Fire PRA, and NFPA 805 transition projects from beginning to end, including the transition work and fire PRA development.

Technical team

Thomas Jutras, P.E.
Vice President, Fire Protection and Risk Services
Andrew Howe
Senior Consultant
Bruce Morgen
Director PRA & Risk Informed Initiatives
Steve McCoy
Lead Engineer
David Miskiewicz
Principal Consultant
Ricky Summitt, P.E.
Principal Consultant