Software Products

EPM's original software product, INDMS (Integrated Nuclear Data Management Systems), was developed to support, automate, and analyze a number of functions and engineering programs within a nuclear power plant. INDMS was first licensed to a mid-western utility in 1983, and it is still in use there today!

Although INDMS is still running at a number of facilities, a revamped version of the software was released in the late 1990s. Developed by EPM’s Software and Technology Solutions Division and named the GENESIS Solution Suite®, it consists of the following applications:

  • EDISON – Cable, Wire and Raceway Management Solution including special functionality supporting the design and construction of new plants.
  • EDISON.NET - The .NET version of EDISON.
  • SAFE – Automated 10 CFR 50 Appendix R Analysis solution, including Performance-Based failure analysis for NFPA 805 Transition projects and Fire PRAs.
  • SAFE.NET - The .NET version of SAFE.
  • CAMP – Cable Aging Management Program
  • MILIEU – Environmental Qualification Solution, 10 CFR 50.49 Compliant
  • CAPTURE – Procurement Engineering and Bill of Materials solution

Click on links above for informational PDFs about each application.

In addition to the above, EPM also offers the following software applications:

  • TDAC - Database for developing and maintaining portions of a 10 CFR 50.48(C) Transition Report.
  • VIPER - Electronic, intelligent emergency and fire response plans