• EPM Inc.

    Framingham, MA
    Raleigh, NC

    +1 508-875-2121

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Mr. Lauris Bonnet was appointed to the position of CFO & COO at EPM Inc. in January 2018. In his previous role as Liaison Officer, within the International Business Division of the ONET Group (EPM’s parent), he has supported the integration and development of EPM Inc. since its acquisition in 2015.

Lauris started his career in a global IT company in 2004. In 2007, he first joined the nuclear activities of the ONET Group, managing decommissioning and waste management turnkey projects. He completed an intensive MBA program in Montreal, Canada in 2013 and started an entrepreneurial project in Chile in 2014. Lauris then joined the commercial department of ONET Technologies (the French nuclear division of the ONET Group), in charge of developing nuclear activities with French and European operators, before joining the International Business Division of the ONET Group.