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Senior Staff Engineer

Job Title: Senior Staff Engineer

Job ID# SSE0331

Employer: Engineering Planning and Management, Inc.

Worksite: 959 Concord Street, Suite 310, Framingham, MA 01701


·   Provide fire protection and code consulting services for buildings of virtually all types and uses, including but not limited to, high rise, primary, secondary and higher education facilities, assembly (arenas, stadiums, theaters), warehouses, laboratories, computer rooms/data centers, retail, hospitality, corporate real estate, health care, manufacturing, and residential.

·  Perform fire safety systems design and construction administration, including sprinkler system, fire detection and alarm system, smoke control system and special hazard suppression systems.

·   Conduct Building Fire Safety Due Diligence survey.

·   Fire protection system 3D computer-based hydraulic modeling and drafting and calculation.

·   Design and develop fire safety plans.

·   Dust and flammable gas explosion hazard analysis and computer-based dispersion and blast wave analysis.
·   Provide NFPA and ICC codes consulting.

·   Responsible for fire modeling.

·   Perform evacuation analysis.


·  Master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering or related, with 1 year experience as a fire protection engineer. Alternatively, Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering or related, with 3 years experience as a fire protection engineer, is also acceptable.

·  Must have working experience of: 1) construction management and fire safety systems design, including fire alarm system and special suppression systems; 2) Inspection and testing of smoke management systems; 3) Conduct Building Fire Safety Evaluations.

·  Familiarity with software of AutoCAD and Revit.

·  Required to travel 2-3 times (one day trip) a week within the state of Massachusetts for site inspections, smoke control testing, building fire safety due diligence surveys, and code consulting.

To apply, mail CV with Job ID#: SSE0331 to 959 Concord Street, Suite 310. Framingham, MA 01701