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EPM Inc.
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EPM has developed software for plant equipment mechanical integrity, asset and data management that is very useful for companies both with and without a formal OSHA PSM program.

The platform is customizable to help satisfy the following PSM elements:

  • Process Safety Information
  • Operating Procedures (for maintenance)
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Management of Change

EPM offers the following software products that can support chemical process safety and other industrial safety applications:

The Permit Implementation, Logic, Oversight and Tracking (PILOT) software automates administrative fire protection permitting processes for degraded or off-normal conditions.

Visual Intelligent Plans for Emergency Response (VIPER) is a tablet application which is an electronic and intelligent fire plan and critical data center to be used for fire events and fire response organization training.

EPM’s Software and Technology Solutions Division develops and provides engineered software applications and tools that support multiple industries and applications. To see our full range of software products, click here.