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EPM routinely provides code consulting services for architects, engineers, building owners, building managers, institutions and other end-users. EPM Identifies, applies and interprets the applicable codes and standards to develop compliance strategies for building designs/features. EPM employs many senior, licensed fire protection engineers with MS degrees in fire protection who have a thorough understanding of:

·   The advanced sciences behind the fire protection engineering consensus standard of care

·   The applicable local, state and national fire codes and standards

·   Both the literal text and the intent of the code requirements

·   Client needs and real-world project budget and schedule constraints

EPM engineers have relevant project experience in virtually all building types and uses as well as extensive knowledge of the model building and fire codes, local & state amendments and NFPA codes and standards. This experience, and expertise of the fire sciences and computer fire modeling, allows us to develop solutions that afford a degree of fire protection/life safety that meets or exceeds the intent of the code.

EPM is also a national leader in nuclear fire protection and therefore adheres to strict quality standards and procedures that are routinely audited by outside firms. EPM also employs electrical, mechanical, software and chemical safety engineers who are experts in reviewing the most complex systems for safety. These resources are available to assist in the development of solutions to the most complex fire protection challenges.

New Construction

EPM routinely provides code consulting services on large, complex projects including code analysis, drawing review and development of the overall code compliance approach. Performance-based solutions are developed and presented to the code/fire authorities to address unique compliance challenges.

Existing Building/Renovation

EPM routinely performs building investigation and evaluation (I&E) studies for existing building renovation/alteration projects. The nature and extent of the renovation dictates the degree of required corrective work per the building and fire code requirements for existing buildings. Building renovations, additions and changes of use can all create unique code challenges both inside and outside of the work area including means of egress, construction type, exterior walls/lot lines, plumbing fixture counts and disabled accessibility.