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    Raleigh, NC

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EPM employs engineers who are experts in fire protection related to the storage, use and handling of hazardous materials, including flammable liquids and combustible dusts.

Typical services include:

·   Classification of the chemicals into one or more of the hazardous material classification categories

·   Identification of the location of the maximum expected quantities of each type of hazardous material to be stored, used in a closed system and used in an open system in each area of the building and comparison of these quantities to the allowed quantities of the applicable codes.

·   Development of the overall fire protection strategy that incorporates methods of active and passive fire protection including subdivision into control areas, Group H (high hazard) occupancy classifications, liquid storage rooms (NFPA 30), spill control/containment, special fire protection systems, explosion control/deflagration venting, etc.

Other services include but are not limited to:

·   Preparation of floor plans to identify the locations of anticipated contents and processes so as to reflect the nature of each occupied portion of the building and structure. The plans include chemical quantities and passive fire protection features i.e. control areas and Group H occupancies.

·   Detailed review of laboratory design/layout for compliance with NFPA 45 requirements.

·   Detailed review of chemical processes, proposed uses, flammable vapor and combustible dust hazards for compliance with fire code, NFPA, insurance, electrical code (hazardous location classification) and other applicable requirements.