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    Raleigh, NC

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EPM develops pre-fire plans which identify (both graphically and through text) the important hazards and safety equipment in each area of the plant, along with cautions and procedures for certain firefighting functions. They are used as reference documents for emergency responders during a fire scenario and as training documents to familiarize all personnel with plant configuration and hazards.

The fundamental goal of VIPER as a functional application is to get vital data to its user on demand and as quickly as possible. In times of high stress and multitasking, such as fire events, every second is critical to firefighter safety, occupant safety, property damage, and business interruption. Getting vital information to those that need it in a timely manner will result in safe and effective incident operations.

VIPER (Visual Intelligent Plans for Emergency Response) is a feature-rich, mission-centric, user-friendly desktop/tablet application intended to be utilized during fire events and fire response organization training evolutions as an electronic and intelligent fire plan and critical data center.