Software Services

EPM has extensive knowledge in the analysis and migration of nuclear plant databases. This includes software verification and validation, database consolidation and integration, data flow analysis and modeling, data loading and conversion, and documentation.

EPM performs analyses that examine the differences between legacy systems and proposed systems, i.e.:

  • to ensure that customization successfully occurs;
  • to measure conformance of the system against system requirements while assessing the adequacy of documentation; or
  • to determine a solution based on a comparative analysis of needs.

These analyses can also provide an opportunity to compare an existing system with a potential new system prior to implementation.

EPM has performed numerous data consolidation and migration projects. Electronic data is validated from multiple sources, and the approach for performing the full-scale data migration effort with appropriate validation documentation is determined. Many client-specific “QA” data load programs and scripts have been written to create single sources of engineering data such as electrical design, systems, component, procurement engineering, and bill of material data.

This experience has given EPM’s Software Services staff an absolute understanding of the nature of data conversion projects and the requirements for success including the methods necessary to ensure data quality. EPM has developed cost efficient strategies dealing with all of these activities.