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EPM risk engineers have an average of more than twenty years of experience in the PRA and Fire PRA fields, and as a result, we have provided review team members for more than half of the Fire PRA Peer Reviews performed to date. EPM has also supplied reviewers for internal events peer review teams. These reviews have been for PRA models at both BWR and PWR plants since our engineers have operations experience at both reactor types.

Because of this experience, EPM is also ideally suited to prepare a client for an upcoming peer review by performing reviews and self assessments of the PRA notebooks and calculations against the ASME/ANS PRA Standard requirements.

Finally, this level of experience has proved valuable when preparing our clients’ models for their turn at a peer review, as evidenced by the high rate of Capability Category II compliance and low number of findings for a recently completed peer review of one of our client’s Fire PRA models prepared by EPM.