• EPM Inc.

    Framingham, MA
    Raleigh, NC

    +1 508-875-2121

EPM provides assistance with materials management including inventory optimization and procurement engineering.

EPM’s engineering staff has a proven track record of rapidly and cost-effectively automating procurement engineering processes. Major efforts to establish complete equipment information systems, including Master Equipment List and Bill of Materials development, have been comprehensively and cost-effectively performed.

·   Code Reconciliation

·   Technical Evaluation

·   Equivalency Evaluation

·   Vendor Audits and Surveys

·   Bill of Material Development

·   Commercial Grade Dedication

·   Component and Piece Part Safety Classification

With a focus on providing project teams that will implement comprehensive, cost effective solutions to problems in the area of materials management, each solution is tailored to reflect the plant’s approach and processes, the regulator’s criteria for acceptability, and budget and scheduling constraints. Where necessary and appropriate, EPM uses its unique information technology expertise to solve problems more efficiently while building and maintaining information necessary for long-term configuration management control and addressing regulatory compliance concerns.

EPM understands component data for materials management, piece parts classification and bill of material development, inventory management and problem resolution and can rapidly assimilate and structure data from divergent sources into electronic media.

EPM has the experience to integrate, coordinate and manage significant technical projects between multiple stations/units while providing technically qualified and highly productive personnel.