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The Software and Technology Solutions (STS) Division develops and provides engineered software applications and tools that support Nuclear, Commercial Fire Protection and Chemical Process Safety Industries.  Our primary software applications support Plant Electrical Cable and Raceway Design, Cable Aging Management, Environmental Qualification, Fire Protection, Post Fire Safe Shutdown, Fire Permitting, Fire Planning and Equipment Categorization (50.69). Most software applications and tools are embedded with long term compliance configuration controls. EPM’s software applications optimize engineering and business processes to achieve nuclear regulatory compliance in a cost effective manner. EPM understands the challenges associated with engineering automation while maintaining configuration control/management throughout a plant’s life cycle – from design to decommissioning.

These software applications are supported by a team of developers and analysts that provide client specific software enhancements, data analysis and loading services, database management, software life cycle management, software testing and training services. EPM’s software applications and services are controlled by our 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B compliant Quality Management System and governing procedures.

EPM’s STS Division offers a variety of software products and professional services aimed at optimizing efficiency and productivity to support engineering programs. Its range of business services revolves around a pre-developed suite of general extensible software objects that quickly integrate to form customer-specific business solutions and meet the emerging technology issues within the power generation industry.