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Data Analysis and Migration:

EPM has extensive knowledge in the analysis and migration of nuclear plant databases. This includes software verification and validation, database consolidation and integration, data flow analysis including detailed mapping documentation, data loading and conversion services.

EPM has performed numerous data consolidation and migration projects. Electronic data is validated from multiple sources and analyzed for the purpose of performing full-scale data migrations with appropriate verification and validation documentation.

This experience has given EPM’s Software & Technology Solutions staff an absolute understanding of the nature of data conversion projects and the requirements for success including the methods necessary to ensure data quality. EPM has developed cost efficient strategies dealing with all of these activities.

Custom Software Application Design and Implementation

When implementing EPM’s software applications, software engineers perform reviews of software requirements documentation to ensure the functionality contained in EPM baseline software meets or exceeds client specific requirements and expectations. The STS division has extensive knowledge in performing and implementing new customized software applications with nuclear power plants.

EPM performs analyses that examines the differences between legacy applications and a proposed modern application to include:

·   Ensuring that customizations are accurately defined and successfully implemented

·   Measuring conformance of the application against system requirements

·   Assessing the adequacy of documentation

·   Determining a solution based on a comparative analysis of needs

Additionally, EPM has performed customizations to our baseline applications to support add-on modules supporting engineering programs that are very specific to internal engineering groups within the nuclear power plant. In some cases, our clients have recognized this offer as an opportunity to incorporate rouge databases and obsolescent software under a single repository of complimentary data.

Custom Software Training

EPM also provides custom software training along with the delivery and implementation of our software applications. Typically, training is divided into two separate offerings. The first being offered to the general user community who require access to the data to perform data mining, extraction and reporting capabilities but are not required to update the data. The second type of training is provided to the Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that are required to perform design, analysis and implementation of configuration controls over the data.