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Andrew Howe

Senior Consultant, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Andrew Howe is a recognized industry expert with over thirty years of experience in the nuclear power industry. Mr. Howe has extensive industry and regulatory involvement with risk-informed applications, and while at NRC as a Senior Analyst in the PRA Licensing Branch, Mr Howe was the NRC lead reviewer for risk-informed Technical Specification initiatives 4B and 5B. At Progress Energy, Mr. Howe was responsible for applying PRA models for plant operations support at four sites. Mr. Howe has extensive experience developing and running PRA models, including fire PRA, HRA, seismic margins assessments, shutdown PRA, other external hazards PRA, as well as international experience and peer review assessments.

Mr. Howe was previously a licensed SRO at a Westinghouse PWR, and has additional experience with site licensing, systems and design engineering activities, and reactor engineering.

Qualifications :
MCE, Civil Engineering, North Carolina State University
BS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Florida