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Beth Meade

Consulting Engineer, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Ms. Beth Meade is a Consulting Engineer at EPM, Inc. and has over twelve years of fire protection engineering and consulting experience with a focus in the nuclear industry.

As a Consulting Engineer, she has supported and managed multiple projects related to Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire Safe Shutdown Analysis, NFPA 805 Transition, Fire PRA, Fire Modeling, Modification Reviews, Fire Hazards Analyses and Fire Protection Audit Support. Ms. Meade has provided training in Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire Protection applications, including fire modeling, as well as classical fire protection program training. She has comprehensive knowledge of fire modeling tools and applications including NIST’s FDS, CFAST, NUREG 1805 Fire Dynamics Tool and EPRI’s FIVE. Ms. Made also holds an SFPE, Member Grade.

Qualifications : MS, Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS, Physics, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth