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Donald Trylinski

Senior Consultant/Regional Manager - Fire Protection and Risk Services

Don Trylinski joined EPM in 2022 representing our new Canadian division. Don brings 40 years of nuclear experience to EPM. He has had the opportunity to work at all Canadian Nuclear Facilities in various roles including General Manager of Emergency & Protective Services and Projects, Program Authority for Fire Protection, Emergency Preparedness, Fire Protection Engineering Design, Fire Protection Systems, Senior Manager Fire Protection Programs and Training.

Don is a member of several committees including CSA N293 (Fire protection for Nuclear Power Plants), CSA N393 (Fire Protection for facilities that process, handle, or store nuclear substances), and CSA N 1600 (General requirements for Nuclear Emergency Management Programs). He has participated in several WANO audits around the world and held a position on the six-member team at the IAEA (international Atomic Energy Agency) in Vienna Austria that authored the Fire Protection Standard for Nuclear Power Plants.

Qualifications :
CMM III (Certified Municipal Manager Executive Level)
Fire Service Executive
Fire Suppression Professional
Fire Training Professional
Graduate Fire Protection Technology - Ontario Fire College