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Edward Orazine, P.E.

Senior Technical Manager - Fire Protection and Risk Services

Edward Orazine, PE holds a Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering and has over twenty years of fire protection engineering and code consulting experience with knowledge in industrial, residential, commercial, and utility facilities. Mr. Orazine provides project support from design through construction administration services. His experience includes Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) for a small modular reactor, hydraulic and corrosion analysis for plant loops, fire alarm receiving station system replacement for a government campus, and fire protection and containment requirements for transformers. Other specialized projects include hospital fire alarm systems, recycling and transfer stations, rail yard chemical transfer and campus fire alarm systems. storage facility. Mr. Orazine has designed and worked with most fire protection and fire alarm systems to address a wide variety of hazards (sprinkler/mist/foam/gaseous/fire pumps/standpipes), including voice evacuation, smoke control alarm systems, air aspirating and recently video/triple IR detection systems for industrial facilities. Mr. Orazine has also been involved with updating NFPA 418 to include new EV aircraft requirements.

Qualifications :
MS, Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University