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Gary Fike

Architectural Code Consultant, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Gary Fike has more than 7 years of code consulting experience and is currently heading up our Kansas City office, in the area of Fire Protection and Code Consulting. Mr. Fike has assisted Architects to achieve creative yet compliant code solutions and aids the Architect by translating their designs to the complex International Building Code language, (IBC).

Mr. Fike’s experience includes code consulting in projects ranging from 40-story mixed-use, high-rise developments to adaptive reuse of historic 1-story buildings. With experience across nearly every project type and within jurisdictions of all sizes and temperaments, Mr. Fike bridges the gap that can coincide with the permit review process. Speaking the language of not only the architect but of the IBC, allows Mr. Fike to advocate for the ambitions of the architect while simultaneously satisfying the expectations of the jurisdiction. In addition to being a code consultant, Mr. Fike serves as a code educator through his “Code Cohort” program. This program seeks to equip architects in the IBC through an eight-module track. In 2023, 150+ architects across Kansas City were trained by Mr. Fike toward a working knowledge of the IBC for an architect’s day to day responsibilities.


Qualifications : ASSOC. AIA