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Harold Stiles

Senior Consultant, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Stiles has worked in the commercial nuclear industry for 40 years, primarily in the areas of engineering, operations, and licensing. Beginning as a systems and reactor engineer before qualifying as a Shift Technical Advisor in the control room, Mr. Stiles has also worked in Engineering, I&C Design, Regulatory Affairs, Licensing, and Compliance organizations. With respect to PRA, Mr. Stiles has contributed to multiple models, covering different hazard groups and including accident sequences, success criteria, system modeling, data updates, human reliability analysis, quantification, and uncertainty analysis. Most recently, Mr. Stiles has focused on providing useable risk insights and improving realism in Fire PRA. He has been a contributor to the NEI Fire PRA Task Force and served as a member on the ASME PRA Standard committee for Part 2. Mr. Stiles has been a member of multiple Peer Review teams and F&O closure teams.

As a member of the Quality Assurance organization, he has performed compliance-based audits and performance-based assessments. As a subject matter expert, Mr. Stiles has developed and delivered technical training for engineers, operators, and management.

Qualifications :
MBA, Technology Management, University of Phoenix
BS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee