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Jason LeMaire

Consulting Engineer, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Jason LeMaire has ten years of experience in fire protection engineering consulting, with particular expertise in fire protection regulation for the nuclear industry. As Technical Consultant, Mr. LeMaire has extensive experience in NFPA 805 licensing transition and implementation for several utilities. His specific areas of expertise include fundamental fire protection and design elements compliance, NFPA code compliance, fire hazards analysis, engineering evaluation review and development, licensing basis transition report development, and fire protection audit support.

Mr. LeMaire holds professional member grade status in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. Additionally, he is certified as an NFPA 1001 Level 1 professional firefighter; his background includes seventeen years in the volunteer fire service, in which his training and experience is beneficial for developing and performing reviews of operational programs such as pre-fire planning, fire brigade operations and fire brigade training.

Qualifications : BS, Fire Protection Engineering, University of New Haven