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Mark Anderson

Consulting Engineer, Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Mark Anderson has twenty years of experience in fire protection engineering consulting, with a focus in regulatory compliance. As a Technical Consultant, he has supported and managed multiple projects related to nuclear Fire Protection Programmatic Oversight, Fire Impact Evaluations, NFPA Code Compliance Reviews, Fire Protection System Design, Fire Protection Safety Assessments, Fire Hazards Analyses, Fire Protection Audit Support, and Peer Reviews.

As a recognized industry fire protection expert and leader, Mr. Anderson has presented lectures to industry peers on power plant decommissioning at several industry conferences, including the NEI Fire Protection Information Forum. For clients overseas, Mr. Anderson has provided training in various topics related to industrial fire protection program attributes, including ownership, system engineering, decommissioning, as well as classical fire protection. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory change process and fire protection requirements promulgated by various stakeholders. Mr. Anderson is qualified through industry training programs to lead a plant’s fire protection program, assess fire related impacts due to plant modifications and revise licensing basis documentation. In addition, he has developed a software application to assist with degraded or off-normal conditions managing risk to a plant’s fire area. Mr. Anderson also holds an SFPE, Member Grade.

Qualifications :
MS, Fire Protection Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS, Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute