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Ricky Summitt, P.E.

Principal Consultant - Fire Protection and Risk Services

Mr. Ricky Summitt is a Principal PRA Consultant with extensive experience in all aspects of PRA model development. Mr. Summitt is a recognized industry expert with more than thirty-eight years of experience providing technical and project management expertise for a variety of projects requiring engineering analysis. He has applied both deterministic and probabilistic techniques to manage and supply lead technical guidance in the assessment of safety and reliability concerns to the nuclear power industry both within the US and internationally. He has managed and participated in probabilistic risk assessments for pressurized water reactors, boiling water reactors, chemical facilities, and enrichment facilities that addressed both internal and external events. Mr. Summitt has led the development of multiple PRA models, including all aspects of accident sequence, success criteria, system modeling, data updates, quantification and accident progression, consequence analysis, results review and analysis.

Qualifications :
MS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
BS, Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee-Knoxville