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Fady Yacoub

Mr. Yacoub has 15 years of experience providing fire protection engineering consulting services to the nuclear utility industry. Responsibilities include development of plant system models to support evaluation of Safe Shutdown (SSD) capability, Internal Events and Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) quantification. Implementation of various industry initiatives such as 10 CFR 50.69 system categorization, Surveillance […]

William F. Fowler Jr

Mr. Fowler is a degreed Consulting Engineer with 35 years’ experience in nuclear power (21 Military / 14 Commercial). Mr. Fowler has been involved in both PWR & BWR work while at EPM.  He has experience in NFPA 805 transition, Appendix R, Electrical Circuit Analysis (pre & post fire for Appendix R, NFPA 805 & […]

Joseph Podles

Mr. Podles is a degreed Consulting Engineer with over twenty years’ experience in nuclear power. He has been involved with projects related to development of NFPA 805, RIS 2004-03, and Appendix R analysis electrical circuit evaluation and wiring, Q-list/component classification, EQ Master List validation cable selection packages, and Bill of Materials development.  Mr. Podles’ experience […]