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Jeff Quinn

Mr. Jeff Quinn is a Senior Technical Manager with over 23 years of experience providing fire protection engineering consulting and project management services to the nuclear utility industry. Mr. Quinn has been involved in Risk-Informed Performance-Based Fire Safe Shutdown Analysis, Non-Power Operational (NPO) Mode Analysis, Multiple Spurious Operations (MSO) Reviews, NFPA 805 Transition and Implementation,

Francesco Pellizzari

Mr. Francesco Pellizzari joined EPM on a full-time basis in 1989. He has led projects involving design review, safe shutdown analysis, component classification (Q-list), plant systems engineering, licensing, and procurement engineering. Mr. Pellizzari has performed extensive reviews of modification packages, plant procedures, commitment documents and safety evaluation reports. He has performed plant design modifications, procedure

Alan Jelalian

Mr. Alan Jelalian has over thirty-one years of experience in the nuclear utility industry. As Senior Technical Manager, areas of expertise include plant lifecycle Engineering Programs support for operation and decommissioning, Fire Protection/Safe Shutdown/Electrical Separation Licensing support for Small Modular Reactors/Advanced Reactors and Medical Isotope Facilities, Design Basis Recovery, Process Improvement and Automation, NFPA 805