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Energy Northwest/Columbia

“I have approval for this proposal and funding…..Thanks again for your quick and timely response. Its’s this kind of business relationship, communication and cooperation coupled by EPM’s Engineering and product support that allow us to be successful! I can’t do this anywhere else and I really appreciate EPM and all those who work there!” -Lead

Limerick Generating Station

“I wanted to let you know the work I did with EPM, transitioning from INDMS to Genesis, is one of the projects I am most proud of during my career (at EXELON). It was a real pleasure working with all of the EPM team, you are true professionals and I was grateful for all your

TVA Nuclear Power Group

“Well, its official…the TVA NFPA 805 LAR has been approved…. Thanks so much for all the hard effort, long hours, lost weekends and holidays, and sticking it out through all the frustrations…. Your teams worked with TVA’s engineering and project teams through many project surprises and revelations…. I believe that we fulfilled the TVA vision