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Leading Provider of Safety Engineering, Consulting, and Specialized Software Services for Nuclear Power and Commercial Facilities

Risk-Informed Engineering

Experts in risk analysis and risk management

EPM offers comprehensive Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) services for the nuclear industry. We provide expertise in PRA, System Engineering, Fire Modelling, Thermal-Hydraulic and Human Reliability Analysis. EPM supports the full spectrum of PRA model development and Risk Informed Applications.

Nuclear Safety Services

Global provider of cost-effective solutions for safe and reliable nuclear operations

Since 1980, EPM has specialized in engineering, licensing, and regulatory compliance support for the nuclear power industry. We assist utilities in the development and maintenance of numerous engineering programs including fire safe shutdown, severe accident analysis, safety classification and categorization, and environmental qualification, leveraging our superior engineering expertise and complex plant modeling capabilities.

Fire Protection Engineering

Full-service fire protection and life safety consulting and engineering solutions

EPM provides fire protection and regulatory consulting services to the nuclear power industry, and fire protection engineering design and code consulting services to a variety of clients in the public and private sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential.

Software Solutions

Specialized proprietary software solutions for the nuclear power industry and beyond

Our safety-related software applications and tools support Nuclear Plant Electrical Configuration, Cable Aging Management, Environmental Qualification, Fire Protection and Safe Shutdown. EPM’s software applications optimize engineering and business processes to achieve nuclear regulatory compliance.

Chemical Safety Services

Expertise in chemical process safety engineering services

Building on decades of expertise in nuclear and plant safety, EPM provides chemical process safety engineering services to the chemical and O&G industries. Through our combination of chemical process safety experts and long-lasting nuclear expertise, we offer innovative methodologies and approaches to optimize the safety of your plants and operations.


Providing you and your teams with tailored training in every area of our expertise

With decades of experience in engineering consulting, fire protection, software and probabilistic risk assessment services, EPM provides quality training, ranging from introductory sessions to multi-week series of in-depth classes, and tailored to your needs, objectives, and attendance.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I wanted to let you know the work I did with EPM, transitioning from INDMS to Genesis, is one of the projects I am most proud of during my career (at EXELON). It was a real pleasure working with all of the EPM team, you are true professionals and I was grateful for all your hard work and support to make the Limerick project successful. I wish you continued success in the future


Electrical Design Engineer, Limerick Generating Station

I would like to thank EPM for their lead engineer’s expertise and support during this inspection. It would have not been such a success without him. I look forward to working with EPM this year to finally implement SAFE for SQN and resolve many of the issues we identified before the inspection.

Tennessee Valley Authority

Programs Engineer, Sequoyah and Watts Bar Nuclear Plants