Fire PRA

EPM has comprehensive experience in all phases of Fire PRA model development as outlined in NUREG/CR-6850:

  • Plant Boundary and Partitioning
  • Component Selection
  • Cable Selection
  • Qualitative Screening
  • Fire Induced Risk Model Development - modification of the internal events PRA model to allow for quantification of fire risk
  • Fire Ignition Frequencies
  • Detailed Circuit Analysis
  • Circuit Failure Likelihood Analysis
  • Fire Compartment Analysis, including:
    • Scoping Fire Modeling
    • Detailed Fire Modeling
    • Safe Shutdown Strategy Development
    • Recovery Action Development
    • Control Room and Alternate Shutdown Analysis
    • Multi-Compartment Analysis
    • Structural Steel Assessment
  • Post-Fire Human Reliability Analysis - including modification of existing PRA actions and analysis of new fire event recovery actions
  • Seismic-Fire Interaction
  • Fire PRA Quantification
  • Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis

EPM engineers have extensive experience performing the plant walkdowns necessary for a Fire PRA model that will accurately represent the as-built-as-operated plant. These walkdowns are necessary to support the plant boundary and partitioning, fire ignition frequency, fire modeling, fire HRA, structural steel, and seismic fire interaction tasks. RSD can also provide input to plant procedure writers on how to optimize fire response procedures to reduce human error and to modification engineers on how cost effectively reduce risk in troublesome fire areas.