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William F. Fowler Jr

Consulting Engineer, Safety and Systems Analysis

Safety and Systems Analysis, Senior Management

Mr. Fowler is a degreed Consulting Engineer with 35 years’ experience in nuclear power (21 Military / 14 Commercial). Mr. Fowler has been involved in both PWR & BWR work while at EPM.  He has experience in NFPA 805 transition, Appendix R, Electrical Circuit Analysis (pre & post fire for Appendix R, NFPA 805 & FPRA), Exclusionary Analysis, Operator Actions / Recovery Actions including timeline validation. His military experience includes qualifications as Reactor Operator, Shutdown Reactor Operator, Engineering Supervisor positions, Quality Assurance, Maintenance Manager, I&C system troubleshooting & repair (including digital systems). He developed company guidance specifically for implementation of NUREG/CR-7150 guidance. Mr. Fowler has in-depth knowledge/understanding of plant systems and components.

Qualifications : BS, Nuclear Engineering Technologies, Excelsior University