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Carroll Trull, Ph. D.

Dr. Carroll Trull joined EPM in 2022 following over twelve years at Westinghouse Electric Company, where he developed expertise working on several domestic and international commercial nuclear utility PRA models.  This expertise includes all aspects of model development and maintenance for internal events and flooding, and input analyses (such as thermal-hydraulic and severe accident analyses),

Paul Hijeck, P.E., PMP

Mr. Paul Hijeck, who is a Principal Consultant in EPM’s Risk Services Division, has over 40 years of experience in the nuclear industry.  He has extensive experience in managing engineering and Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) projects.  He has managed and participated in projects on PRA modeling for internal and external events, risk informed applications such

Ronald Melucci, P.E.

Mr. Ronald Melucci is a Senior Technical Manager at EPM, Inc. In addition to his process safety experience, he has over 25 years of industrial/high hazard fire protection engineering and consulting experience. He leads EPM’s Chemical Process Safety Group and his expertise in process safety and fire protection allows an integrated approach with alternative risk

David Miskiewicz

Mr. David Miskiewicz is a recognized industry expert with over twenty five years of experience in the nuclear power industry. Mr. Miskiewicz has extensive industry involvement with leading, presenting, and instructional roles, and he has served on numerous industry committees. Mr Miskiewicz served as Chairman of the NEI Fire PRA Task Force, and was also

Bruce Morgen, P.E.

Mr. Bruce Morgen, who leads EPM’s Risk Services Division, joined EPM in 2016 following thirty-seven years with a U.S. nuclear utility. He has extensive experience in Probabilistic Risk Analysis and engineering analysis to support nuclear plant operations. Mr. Morgen has broad experience in applying PRA to operating nuclear plants, including fire PRA (NFPA 805) and

Thomas Jutras, P.E.

Mr. Jutras, the Vice President of EPM’s Fire Protection Engineering and Risk Services divisions, has been with EPM since 1992 and has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear power industry and in fire protection engineering for nuclear power and non-nuclear sectors in the US and internationally. He has served as a project manager