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EPM’s original software product, INDMS (Integrated Nuclear Data Management Systems), was developed to support, automate, and analyze a number of functions and engineering programs within a nuclear power plant. INDMS was first licensed to a US utility in 1983.

Although INDMS is still running at a number of facilities, a revamped version of the software was released in the late 1990s, developed by EPM’s Software and Technology Solutions (STS) Division and named the Genesis Solution Suite®.

Currently the STS Division offers and supports our third generation of the Genesis Solution Suite® of engineering software applications using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. The latest version of the software is developed in the Microsoft .Net Framework with Oracle and SQL Server supported databases.

The Genesis Solution Suite® consists of the following applications:

The Engineering Design Intelligent System Operations Network (EDISON) application is a cable, raceway and wire configuration management system, supporting the engineering, design, and construction of new nuclear power plants, and the long-term operations and maintenance of nuclear power plants.

The System Assurance and Fire Protection Engineering (SAFE) module automates plant-system failure analysis by evaluating the failure consequences of systems, equipment, and cable support relationships.

The Milieu module of Genesis is a complete Environmental Qualification (EQ) solution. Designed as a configuration management/control engineering tool supporting 10CFR50.49.

The Cable Aging Management Program (CAMP) is a complete cable aging solution designed as a comprehensive, auditable management tool that provides a centralized source of information for cables in the monitoring program.

The Permit Implementation, Logic, Oversight and Tracking (PILOT) software automates administrative fire protection permitting processes for degraded or off-normal conditions.

Visual Intelligent Plans for Emergency Response (VIPER) is a tablet application which is an electronic and intelligent fire plan and critical data center to be used for fire events and fire response organization training.