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Although some chemical facilities are not subject to PSM or RMP, risk still exists and OSHA can still apply other standards including the General Duty Clause. Implementing a chemical safety program that is commensurate with your chemical risk is beneficial not only for regulatory compliance; additional benefits outside of compliance and improvements in safety can be realized, such as decreased insurance premiums, reduction in business interruption, and efficiency improvements.

Regardless of the size of your process or chemical use, EPM can perform a chemical safety assessment focused on your unique operations. We can help implement programs that incorporate industry best practices because our engineers have experience in all types of operations. Projects have included small scale distilleries, contract pharmaceutical testing laboratories, and university research locations.

Our chemical safety consulting services can include, but are not limited to:

·   Chemical Compatibility Studies

·   Exothermic Reaction Evaluation

·   Storage and Handling Procedure Review

·   National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Building Code (IBC) Compliance Reviews

·   Safety Data Sheet Review

·   Chemical Hygiene/Occupational Exposure Reviews

Safety is always the top priority and we realize that quality and customer service are of utmost importance. We perform our work with a high degree of quality resulting in deliverables that are beyond customers’ expectations.

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