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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates combustible dust using the General Duty Clause and has completed several hundred inspections in the recent years with General Duty Clause citations related to combustible dust processing. The NFPA also publishes standards on combustible dust that are adopted by most local building/fire codes and other authorities having jurisdiction.

EPM conducts comprehensive Dust Hazard Analyses (DHA) using techniques similar to those used for chemical Process Hazard Analyses (PHA). This ensures that each area of your facility handling combustible dust is adequately protected. Our engineers have worked on various industrial processes and types, including food and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

EPM will factor in all aspects of your dust handling operation and take a methodical approach when gauging the extent of your combustible dust hazard. This work incorporates many aspects of combustible dust studies, such as allowable accumulation levels, minimum ignition energy and electrical resistivity, along with a plethora of other technical aspects that need to be identified in order to complete a DHA that contemplates appropriate safeguard installation.

Our work begins with characterizing specific properties that can define the likelihood and potential severity of an incident involving your particular dust to confirm that you are not over- or under-protecting your operations.

DHA services include but are not limited to:

·   Suggesting the appropriate dust characterization tests for your process and dust type

·   Performing and documenting a DHA

·   Performing allowable accumulation calculations

·   Chemical hygiene/occupational exposure review

·   Fire protection design and code consulting services

The combination of our in-depth knowledge of code compliance requirements, insurance requests, cutting edge-technology and business needs allows us to efficiently and effectively assess your dust hazards. Our services incorporate regulatory compliance, industry best practices and your internal company standards.

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