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EPM provides design and construction administration services for all fire protection systems in both new and existing construction.

EPM employs many licensed fire protection engineers with MS degrees in fire protection who routinely provide design of fire suppression, fire detection and fire alarm systems. These engineers have a thorough working knowledge of the applicable codes, standards and insurance requirements. They prepare conceptual design and performance-based specifications and prepare detailed fire protection, alarm and detection design documents to ensure accurate bids and contractor accountability.

Examples of our services include:

New and Existing Systems

EPM can prepare design documents for new and existing sprinkler and fire alarm systems to ensure code compli­ance and building safety. For existing buildings, these design services are tailored to the architectural/tenant program changes to the building and/or tenant space. EPM can serve as the Owner’s Representative to direct and oversee every aspect of the project to make sure change orders and cost overruns are reduced or eliminated.

Fire Hydrant Flow Tests/Fire Flow Analyses

Design or modification of sprinkler systems requires that the water supply available for fire protection use be measured at nearby fire hydrants. This measurement is used in hydraulic calculations to confirm that the water supply will be adequate to satisfy the sprinkler system demand. This measurement is also used to confirm that the water supply is adequate to satisfy anticipated firefighting demand during a fire, as required by IFC Section 507 and/or NFPA 1. EPM completes fire hydrant flow tests and fire flow analyses on a weekly basis.

System Upgrades to Remedy Maintenance Issues

EPM can perform feasibility studies to investigate fire protection mainte­nance issues, such as false fire alarms and sprinkler system pipe leaks. The studies provide recommendations to improve site conditions and reduce long-term costs related to system maintenance and testing.

Industrial Hazards

EPM has experience and expertise in fire protection of all types of industrial haz­ards, including laboratories, manufacturing, processing, power generation, warehouses, etc. EPM offers a fully integrated range of services to provide solutions from concept, code compliance and systems design to testing and third-party review.

Special Hazards System Design and Analysis

EPM can prepare conceptual design, determine performance requirements, perform design calculations, and select equipment to develop a detailed design using facility drawings, docu­mentation and field evaluations. Such systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Halon Alternative Clean Agent Systems
  • Other gaseous suppression systems
  • Dry Chemical
  • Foam
  • Water Spray
  • Water Mist
  • Incipient fire/smoke detection