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EPM develops pre-fire plans and emergency response plans which include both graphics and text to depict the neces­sary information for firefighting, hazard identification, and egress routes. Pre-fire plans can be integrated with municipal GIS systems for use by emergency response team.

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EPM also provides consulting services to assist in the development of Construction Safety Plans per the requirements of NFPA 241.  To the extent possible, structures that are under construction need to be safe enough to be occupied by contractors, inspectors and emergency response personnel. Such structures should also not present a fire hazard to neighboring properties.

The Construction Safety Plan must establish roles and responsibilities of key members of the owner/construction team. Other key elements include housekeeping, security, new fire protection systems, preservation of existing fire protection systems, pre-fire plans, communication, special hazards, training of contractors, inspections, hot work, and protection of adjoining structures from exposure fires.

The construction safety plan can become much more complicated for partial building renovation projects where existing portion(s) remain occupied. Key issues are separation of construction zone from occupied area(s), maintaining fire protection system protection, system impairment plans where this is not possible, maintaining egress paths at each stage of demolition/construction and providing alternate egress paths where blocking of exits is unavoidable. EPM works with the project stakeholders, including fire authorities, to make sure comprehensive plans are in place for safe building construction projects.