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EPM routinely performs property condition assessments (PCAs) i.e., due diligence evaluations, for clients seeking to know the condition of real estate property they may be purchasing, leasing, financing or simply maintaining.

Evaluation findings generally include:

·   FP systems near the end of their useful life

·   FP systems in disrepair and not properly maintained

·   FP systems with major code violations

·   Building/fire code (life safety) violations

·   Estimated remaining useful life of FP/LS systems

·   Any other FP/LS observations of concern

·   Opinions of the likely costs for owner and tenant of future capital projects including:

·   Repair/servicing of systems in disrepair

·   Replacement of obsolete systems

·   Correction of code violations

Scope of work also typically includes:

·   Description of building and Fire/Life Safety systems

·   Review of available drawings (as-built or construction)

·   Inspection of any areas of current renovation or construction

·   Photographic documentation of systems/components and of any specific areas of concern

·   Interview of building management and engineering staff re: past or current complaints, problems, modifications or anticipated work and other items where evaluation is not possible by visual inspection alone.

·   Participation in teleconference to discuss the draft report and any client comments

·   Preparation of final report based on client comments