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EPM provides audit, assessment, and inspection services for many of the program areas for which it provides services such as:

·    Annual, Biennial, Triennial Fire Protection Audits

·    NRC Required Special Audits to Assess Recurring Program Deficiencies

·    NRC Inspection Procedure 71111.05, Fire Protection

·    NEI 00-01, Guidance for Post-Fire Safe Shutdown Analysis

·    NEI 04-02, Guidance for Implementing a Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire Protection Program Under 10 CFR 50.48(c)

·    Reg. Guide 1.189, Fire Protection for Nuclear Power Plants

·    Environmental Qualification (EQ/10CFR50.49) Inspections

The goal of each audit is to identify program strengths and weaknesses, propose realistic improvements that focus on existing utility philosophy, and to address the current areas of concern. EPM has created detailed audit procedures and standard checklists that can be tailored to the requirements of the specific utility.

EPM provides a full range of in-depth inspection services to assess program implementation processes, procedures and results. EPM’s structured approach includes detailed inspection checklists and walkdown sheets to identifies gaps in the program and provides specific recommendations for improvement and continued focus.

EPM’s staff includes SFPE Member Grade fire protection engineers, along with mechanical and electrical engineers skilled in Appendix R conformance strategies, to either independently conduct or participate in audits and inspections. Depending on the specific requirements identified by our clients, EPM also has individuals who are qualified to perform the functions of QA Lead Auditors per the criteria of ANSI N45.2.23-1978.