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Safety Classification (Q-List)

EPM uses a proven streamlined approach for determining safety classification of components in nuclear power plants. This simple process was developed in 1984 and has been updated over the years to maintain consistency with current industry guidance; it is based on ANSI/ANS Standards and is tailored to accommodate specific client licensing commitments.

The basis for identifying safety classification boundary breaks has always been a subject for debate throughout the industry.  Using the EPM approach, a clear and concise set of ground rules is presented that allows the user to easily determine the safety classification for all types of components. This process results in accurate classification of all components at a very low cost.

EPM has completed Q-List projects for several BWR and PWR plants. These projects have ranged from the pilot program implementation stages to complete Q-Lists resulting in the classification of over a quarter of a million components. The process/procedures developed under these projects has been in place at our clients’ sites and used on a daily basis.

EPM has found that, for various reasons over the years, many utilities have over-classified components. EPM's process leverages a team-approach to streamline and standardize the component classification effort so that our customers can realize significant cost-savings.

10 CFR 50.69, Risk Informed Categorization and Treatment of SSCs

10 CFR 50.69, Risk Informed Categorization and Treatment of SSCs, provides the ability to focus resources on critical components thereby reducing operational and regulatory burdens making plants more cost-effective while providing a direct path towards the goals of the nuclear promise.

EPM has the experience in risk-informed and deterministic analyses necessary to achieve the most cost-effective implementation of 10 CFR 50.69 in the operating environment. EPM’s highly experienced PRA group has direct plant experience and is a leader in the application of risk-informed solutions. EPM engineers have extensive experience in plant design analysis, operations, maintenance, component Q-list reclassification, procurement and licensing; all areas necessary to see the greatest benefit from the application of 10 CFR 50.69. Since 2017, EPM has developed system categorization packages for a range of plants and developed the PRA model enhancements needed for our clients to realize the benefits in procurement and operations from applying alternate treatments of SSCs re-categorized as RISC-3.