EPM, Inc.

EPM Inc.
Framingham, MA
Raleigh, NC

+1 508-875-2121

EPM has experienced electrical engineers with extensive experience in plant system and component design requirements and functions, electrical separation, ETAP, SBO, circuit analysis and cable selection and associated circuits assessments (for common power supply, common enclosure, high impedance faults and current transformer open circuits).

EPM has been an active participant in the expert technical panel process at numerous sites to assess multiple spurious operations (MSO) and has supported numerous licensees during their NRC Triennial Fire Protection Program audits, NFPA 805 LAR audits, and Fire PRA peer reviews.

EPM is an active participant on the NRC / NEI Circuits Task Force, NEI NFPA 805 Task Force, and at various NEI / NRC sponsored Fire Protection workshops.

EPM has performed extensive reviews of and updates to plant procedures, electrical calculations, commitment documents and safety evaluation reports and has performed plant design modifications, procedure changes, engineering equivalency evaluations, engineering analyses, drawing and DBD updates, plant safety reviews, in accordance with 10 CFR 50.59.

EPM has the experienced electrical engineering staff needed to support all facets of your electrical engineering program in topical areas including, but not limited to:

  • Detailed Circuit Analysis, including Failure Mode Likelihood Analysis
  • Electrical Power Systems Analysis (ETAP)
  • Electrical Separation Issues