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EPM specializes in a number of engineering program areas, however, providing fire protection engineering assistance is a principal focus of our business. EPM has been a continuous participant in the development of U.S. nuclear power plant fire protection criteria for decades. In the early 1980s, EPM was a founder of the Nuclear Utility Fire Protection Group (NUFPG) and has been a contributor to major fire protection program changes and upgrades through the present day including the development of the risk-informed performance-based methods of NFPA 805.

·   Audits, Inspections, Assessments

·   Code Consulting

·   Design Basis Documentation

·   Exemption Request Evaluation and Development

·   Fire Barrier Integrity Assessment

·   Fire Impact Assessment

·   Fire Modeling

·   Fire PRA

·   Fire Protection Engineering Evaluation (FPEE) Development

·   Fire Suppression and Fire Alarm System Design

·   Hydraulic Calculations

·   Long-Term Compliance Assessment

·   Safe Shutdown/Appendix R Analysis

·   Software (Safe Shutdown Analysis):SAFE

·   NFPA 805

·   Penetration Seal Programs

·   Pre-Fire Plans

·   RIS 2004-03

·   Risk Assessment

·   Suppression Effects Analysis

·   Staff Augmentation

·   Training

EPM has provided fire protection services to more than 80% of the nuclear power plants in the United States and 90% of the nuclear power plants in Canada, as well as nuclear power plants in the Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, and Korea. As such, EPM’s senior engineers have extensive experience resolving issues related to nuclear fire protection, and they offer expert guidance concerning regulatory compliance in this area.